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Gloves in Love: Pre-Wedding Photos

I’m glad you guys liked our first look photos- I was positively speechless when I saw them. To be honest, I was entirely skeptical about getting any good photos before the ceremony, because we just talked the whole time! Anyway, after we met at the bottom of the stairs, McGlovin and I and the photographers wandered around and continued our conversation. If you don’t feel like looking at more photos of the Gloves, well- I don’t blame you 🙂 But that’s all the rest of this post is, so feel free to skip on to the next blog!















Yep- so that was that. The hour that we spent in the Statehouse was probably my favorite hour of the day. No, we didn’t have an especially deep conversation or say any incredibly memorable sweet nothings, but I do recall that it was the only time that I didn’t feel ‘on’ that day. I wasn’t trying to maintain any kind of facade or impress anyone or anything. And, once I got to that stage…I started to get so, so excited! It was wedding time, and we were getting married!!! My energy went through the roof, and I was really to get to the church and do the damn thing!

Ok, hive- at what point in your day was it like, ‘yessss! Today’s the day, and it’s time!’? I know for many brides its when they put on their dress, but if not, when was yours?

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Gloves in Love: First, We Look

Hive, I just can’t, with our first look. I can’t. The photos whelm me.

First, the logistics. As you know, I got ready at our home, and McGlovin got ready about five minutes away at his mom’s home. I had arranged for one of his groomsmen to drive him, and his fiance to drive me, to our first look. (I didn’t ask a bridesmaid because I figured they had things to do, like finishing makeup and packing up and whathaveyou. Plus, I really like Jordie, who drove me, and knew she would be a perfect calming presence!)

McGlovin and the other photog got to the Statehouse first (gorgeous location) and got into place and, after being given the all-clear, Jordie and I walked in. I was not at all concerned about doing anything more creative than just getting to McGlovin and seeing him as my impending husband, so we opted for a simple meeting at the bottom of a staircase. Jordie and Jeff wandered away, presumably to give us some privacy and discuss their own impending nuptials, and McGlovin and I…well, here, let the photos tell you:


First Look





First Look1



After we had enough hugging, and excited chattering, and wordless beaming, McGlovin and I headed to another part of the Statehouse for a mini portrait session.


I’ll say this about our first look: it was exactly perfect. There aren’t any photos of us crying and it’s not because we’re not tearful people- I cry at the drop of a hat, and got very emotional coming down the aisle. But for me, our first look was less emotional, and more…of a relief, maybe? I guess I just view McGlovin as my ‘home base’ of sorts- I’m an independant woman and certainly stand on my own without him, but slipping my hand into his is kind of like…an exhale. It sounds cheesy, but when we finally hugged at the bottom of the staircase, it was sort of like, “yes! We’re here, we’re ready, we’re getting married- let’s get this show on the road!”

Tell me about your first look- was it exactly what you expected? What you wanted?

As always, these photos are courtesy of some the insanely talented Barefeet Studio


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Gloves in Love: Getting Ready Details!

Hive, I don’t know why…I love detail photos. I love, love, love the photos that include any of my loved ones laughing, smiling, crying, having emotions in general. But I really love seeing some of the tiny tangible things that helped to make our wedding awesome. So, a photo heavy post of just our morning details…







First, some photos from around the house. So from the top, we have Howie’s bowtie, which he wore for a tiny bit while we were getting ready. Then our incredibly-cheesy-but-I-love-them pillowcases, sitting in on our king sized bed (that McGlovin made me by hand, y’all!), our Wedding Countdown tree, my bags all packed, McGlovin’s firefighter wine holder, and a firefighter framed mirror in our entrance.

My dress! And adorable hanger.

My dress! In my reading nook, in my teal room, with my pretty last-name hanger.


Bridesmaid hangers

My getting ready hangers. A few days before the wedding, I bought some wooden hangers from Marshalls and used a Sharpie to add the ladies names, and jobs. It was a super easy project, looks great, and helped me keep track of whose dress was whose before we all got dressed.

degiralomo_WEB_0116My wedding shoes…and, if you paid really close attention to my posts, you’ll catch that they weren’t on my list of possible options. Honestly, hive- I walked into DSW one evening and tried on maybe two dozen pairs of shoes. I tweeted photos of my favorite six, and polled my followers. When a few people voted for the gold ones, I bought them. I professed to really care about my shoes (and in real life, I promise, I do!) but, let’s face it– they didn’t really factor into my wedding day at all. So 🙂

degiralomo_WEB_0131Hive, you guys suggested either going sparkly necklace or sparkly earrings…I went ahead and did both. And a sparkly bracelet. What of it?

degiralomo_WEB_0121I love this photo of all of our rings! You can see on the left, my claddagh tucked inside of McGlovin’s Celtic knot band…he’s always been a jewelry wearer, and when we started dating I bought this ‘eternity knot’ band for him. Then my engagement ring on top of his wedding band, and my wedding band next to that. All on top of our pretty ring bowl, inscribed with ‘amor vincit omnia’ or ‘love conquers all’ in Italian.

degiralomo_WEB_0120All the things!




A collection of flowers- the l-o-v-e mugs, assorted bouquets, and the birds eye view of my pretty bouquet. Uh, yeah…they all came from Sams Club, and they’re gorgeous. Here’s my stamp of approval!





My somethings! I didn’t actually focus, at all, on having somethings for my wedding but they sort of fell into place. My something old is the lace from my mother’s wedding dress, which you can see is wrapped around the top and bottom of my bouquet. My something new is, well, everything- shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc. My something borrowed are my bees! Mine came from Mrs Treasure, and were pinned into my bouquet a bit later in the morning. And my something blue. It’s my grandpa’s handkerchief, embroidered with his initial. When he died, suddenly and tragically, I requested it from by grandma because I knew that’s how I’d have him with my on my wedding day. Just before I walked down the aisle, I tucked it into my dress and spent the rest of the ceremony using it to wipe away my tears.

Tell me about your favorite details, hive- what inanimate objects do you love seeing photos of?

All photos in this post were taken by the ever-so-talented photographers at Barefeet Studio

Gloves in Love: A Thing That Happened

So, when I got my photos back, there’s a series of photos, which I’m in, that capture a period of probably ten minutes that I don’t remember happening- and no, there was no alcohol involved. Let’s take a look:


First, we’re standing around pleasantly.


Then, we’re bustling so that everything is intact for travel.


A look of concern?


Is that thread, I spot? And a needle? And more concern, all around?


My mom and Cait are casting a doubtful glance, but I’ve been distracted with a glass of champagne.


Not to worry, now everyone has champagne!

Apparently when they had tried to bustle, no one could find it, so a few crafty ladies came to the rescue and began to sew a bustle into my dress…which, I think, they ended up not needing it when my mom came to the rescue and found it? (I have no clear knowledge of this chain of events, only secondhand information gleaned after I called around when I saw the photos.) All I know for sure is that several people assured me that everything was fine, and my dad handed me a glass of champagne, so I was content 🙂


I threw on a cardigan which, although completely unplanned, matched our wedding colors.


Then we took a prom pose of the bridesmaids, and I was spirited away to our first look location!

Was anyone else surprised by something they found in their photos? Did you guys also have wedding elves who swooped in and solved problems before you knew that problems even existed?

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Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did

The gentlemen have some bacon…and get dressed :)

Miss Gloves turns into a bride…with Howie’s help!

Gloves in Love: Turning Into A Bride

By the time I’d finished with hair and makeup, everyone else was dressed and ready to go, exactly according to plan. The only thing left to do was to proceed up to my bedroom and turn into a bride! I’d planned for my mom and my sisters to be the only ones with me when I got dressed- my dress wasn’t that complicated, and I really wanted the time with just us, and I figured that adding five or six more girls would just make things crowded and stressful. So, that’s what we did, with the four of us {and Howie} and it was perfect! These are some of my favorite pics:







Then I gave my mom her handkerchief, and she lost it a bit:


So I headed downstairs to give my dad his:


My favorite photo of Papa Gloves, trying to keep it together:


Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…

First, a reintroduction to our wedding story

Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did

The gentlemen have some bacon…and get dressed 🙂

Gloves in Love: Some Gentleman Time

While the ladies were getting ready at the McGlovin house, the men had convened at McGlovin’s mom’s house a few miles away. I can’t offer alot of narrative, but here’s what that looked like:


Breakfast! My understanding is that two pounds of pepper bacon were cooked and consumed…I was a little jealous. Also, please note the pretty boxes in the middle of the table- the groomsman gifts 🙂


Presentation of the gifts…


Men always look cute when they help each other dress, don’t you think?


McGlovin’s dad, attempting to repurpose the cufflinks 🙂


McGlovin and his mama…a favorite photo of mine.


I love these hands.


I also love seeing McGlovin getting ready in his childhood bedroom…it seems to mundane, but is oddly touching.


Biding time, drinking whiskey, waiting for events to commence..


I love seeing what their day was like, and….it looks roughly the same as the ladies. Lots of breakfast, lots of relaxing, and a flurry to get dressed 🙂


Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…

First, a reintroduction to our wedding story

Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did


Gloves in Love: Getting Pretty

At about 10:30, I sent all the girls to get dressed and sat down for some hair with my mom. At my hair trial, which I neglected to blog about, I shared a few inspiration pics, as well as a photo of hair I had done as a bridesmaid in another wedding, and loved- messy curls, with texture rather than smoothed at the crown, and pinned at the nape of my neck. I liked the result of the trial, but wanted the curls a little more loose- I needed a complete updo, but wanted to avoid prom hair, if at all possible. I was a little trepidatious on my wedding morning, but Nancy nailed it.

Bride Gets Pretty

For my makeup I requested an almost natural look- airbrushed foundation, light on the blush and bronzer, and just a lined eye- not smokey really, just defined, with some nice false lashes.


Bride Gets Pretty1


In case you wondered what everyone else was doing while this was happening…


How cute are these women? Rachael, second one from the left, looks like such a proud mama 🙂

So, what were the guys doing? That’s next up 🙂

As always, the photos are courtesy of the amazingly talented and alarmingly personable Barefeet Studio

Gloves in Love: Ladies Get Ready

On my wedding morning, I woke up bright and refreshed at 8:00, having clocked a solid eight hours of snoozing {thanks, in large part, to a healthy dose of melatonin at 11:00 the previous evening}. I rolled over to find my best friend, Rachael, also waking up, so we snuggled back into the covers and chattered excitedly about the festivities to come.My other bridesmaids trickled in and hopped right into our cocoon of covers, and that’s exactly how I remember starting my wedding day- with my favorite ladies all packed onto my bed, chattering and excited like it was high school or something 🙂


Our hair stylists were knocking on the front door soon, so everyone dispersed to shower, get coffee, and have their hair done. In a fit of normality, I wandered the house checking to be sure that everyone was awake and had a plan for the day. I remember three things distinctly from that time: one, while the girls were getting ready, I wandered into the kitchen to whip up a breakfast casserole, and some monkey bread- gotta keep our strength up! Two, at some point I had two or three of the girls making peanut butter sandwiches and packing lunches for the bridal party- snacks that came in super helpful after the ceremony, when we were taking photos. And three, somehow we ran out of toilet paper, and my sister’s best friend/sister ran to the grocery store to save the day- thanks Laura!



Anyway, while I was puttering around and not doing anything remotely wedding related- making breakfast, walking Howie, setting up speakers to blast the ‘getting ready’ playlist- my girls were all having their hair done, doing makeup, and generally hanging out.  While I had the impression that we were on something of a tight schedule {I mean, having created The Schedule, and all} you never would have guessed it- our morning was pretty calm and carefree!



I really worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly- having a very clear itinerary, hosting a sleepover for all the girls, hiring hair and makeup vendors that came to the house, and having a day-of coordinator who handled absolutely anything that came up. However, while all of the above contributed to a great wedding day, nothing would have been nearly so perfect if not for the love and support of all of the great women who surrounded me that morning- sisters, bridesmaids, friends and moms- who all worked really hard to make sure that everything was as ideal as possible! I love them 🙂


Who else was eerily calm, collected and on schedule their wedding morning? {Also, did you notice Howie? He was really trying to get the photographer to play catch, and she had no idea if she should ignore him, or what…I believe I suggested tossing his ball a few times, just to pacify him :)}


***each of these gorgeous photos was taken by Andy and Lauren at Barefeet Studio

Gloves in Love- Rehearsing, and Last Minute Craft

Right, so. After our nail appointment {which kind of felt like it took forever} people scattered to various houses and hotels to get ready for the rehearsal. By then, more friends had arrived and my house was a mess of women getting ready, borrowing tights, swapping perfume and zipping each other up. It was, in a word, awesome. McGlovin zipped me into my rented dress, and we were off to the church.

(Can I take a minute to plug Rent the Runway? It is seriously, so convenient. First, they sent me a birthday coupon, which was magical. Second, I could sort dresses online into my body type. Third, reviewers frequently post photos, so you get to see real people wearing the dresses, instead of just size zero models. Fourth, they send two sizes to ensure a good fit. Fifth, the next day you just toss it into the mailer and into the mail. Nothing has ever been better than Rent the Runway.)

The rehearsal reminded me how super, incredibly glad I was that we were having a Catholic wedding, if for no other reason than the absolute orderliness of the mass. I don’t know a whole lot about other services, but Catholic mass is always the same, no matter what, so you always know what’s going to happen, and when, and by whom. For someone who values order and routine as much as I do, this is perfection, especially on such a {potentially} stressful day. At  our rehearsal, the priest led everyone through the processional, through mass, through the wedding portion, and sent us on our merry way with a blessing. Perfect.

Hive, I have to tell you…I don’t remember much about the rehearsal dinner. It’s not that I had too much to drink or anything, it’s just that, I guess, I had other things going on in my head 🙂 What I can tell you is this: it was hosted by McGlovin’s incredibly generous parents, it was at an Irish pub that we like {to counterbalance the Italian-ness of the wedding}, McGlovin’s mom created a really nice slideshow, McGlovin’s dad gave a lovely toast about being happy {or similar} and I passed out the cards with everyone’s personalized timeline on them. So, uh…here is some photographic evidence that this evening did exist:

Rehearsal1 Rehearsal

After dinner, McGlovin dropped me off at our house and, in accordance with tradition, went over to his mom’s house to spend the night away from his bride. I was having my bridesmaids spend the night at our house, and kind of assumed that we would all just go to bed. After we changed into pajamas, though, we all kind of met in the living room and opened some more beer and wine and turned on Law and Order and tucked into an old-school slumber party 🙂 We talked through everything for the next day, and Shannon remembered that, at one point, we had planned to make flowers for the girls’ hair. (If you recall, McGlovin was pretty insistent that our wedding have an actual color, instead of just black and white. To that end, he had ordered blue ties for the groomsmen, and I had wrapped the bouquets in blue ribbon, with plans to make hair flowers.) We never got to them, but I had all the materials, and we were all clearly awake, so…that’s how it happened that, at 11:00 the night before our wedding, I came to be crafting flowers with my bridal party. My girls are troopers 🙂

Tell me about your rehearsal dinner: were other people as distracted as I was? Or did you ladies let loose and have a great time?

**Still using personal photos- these were at least taken by a camera, not a cell phone!

Gloves in Love: Rehearsal Day

Rehearsal Dayyyyy! I could not have been more thrilled to wake up next to a softly snoring McGlovin. As always, I was the first one awake. As I wandered around downstairs, making coffee and straightening, I reviewed my day: tanning, mani-pedi, tuxes needed to be picked up, perhaps make a pie for the wedding? Then, of course, rehearsal and dinner. Funny, for a day that seemed so important, it really felt so so casual!


A softly snoring McGlovin and Howie

Once Shannon got herself out of bed, we went tanning. We’re Irish (read-supa pale), and manically opposed to fake-baking for skin cancer reasons, but love a spray tan. The place we go uses Versa-Spa booths, and I’ve never had a bad experience there. After tanning, we stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond because, at the last minute, I decided that I needed to whiten my teeth. Two things about this: first, when we were checking out (with teeth whitener and fake nails, in case I didn’t like my manicure) Shannon looked at me and said, “I can’t believe you’re getting married tomorrow!” and the adorable checkout girl exclaimed, “Omigod, you’re getting married tomorrow! What does it feel like?” and I laughed and thought about it, and the only thing I could think of was, “Welp, it feels like I’m buying teeth whitener and fake nails?” I mean, exciting, of course! But it was still just a Friday, and the sun was still rising and setting, as it does, and I still had to pump my own gas and…and it was really just another day in the world. Of course, crazy exciting, but, of course…also, just another day to live. It was weird, is what I’m saying 🙂

Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

And, secondly: The Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit was…kind of awesome!! I’ve been sensitive, in the past, to whitening strips, but these didn’t bother my teeth or gums at all. If I recall correctly, it was a 20 minutes in, 20 minutes out situation, and for the 20 minutes that they were in each time, I got to just sit quietly and listen to everyone else chattering and being excited, and go over everything in my head…it also helped that my sister volunteered to use that time to straighten my hair, so all I had to do was sit quietly 🙂 As I was brightening, people started to fill up the house- my parents arrived, and more bridesmaids, and extra friends and boyfriends, and I started to get so, so excited!

Phone Photos 9.10 thru 11

Around 1:00, we headed over to the nail salon with all of my bridesmaids, as well as my mom and McGlovin’s mom for some mani-pedi fun. It was, again, a great time to relax with all of the girls and get excited for the wedding! It was also nice to plunk down in a pedicure chair next to my mom and chat, because everything before and after that was a little bit crazy, and I didn’t see her for a whole lot the rest of the weekend!

So, your day before…were you excited? Nervous? Calm? Everything, mixed together in a weird vacuum of emotion?

**as always, please excuse my cell phone photos 🙂