Gloves in Love: A Reintroduction

Well, hello again, Hive! It’s been a while, I know. In fact, today marks the Gloves’s six month anniversary. It seems crazy that we’re half a year away from the wedding, and also like we’ve been married for ever 🙂


Where to begin, since I’ve been a stranger for the past six months? Perhaps with a re-introduction. I started blogging for the ‘bee almost one year ago, and introduced McGlovin and myself as a low key, newly engaged couple looking to plan an awesome party for about 120 guests. After asking six lovely women to stand with me on our wedding day, we secured our gorgeous cathedral for the ceremony. Finding a space for the reception was a bit more frustrating, but we put down a deposit on The Venue. After struggling with McGlovin about wedding cake, and working through a harebrained idea to make the cake myself, we compromised on having a small cake and also having wedding pie– it turned out to be one of our best wedding decisions! My mom and I found my wedding dress on our second trip, which was good, but struggled with the idea that my wedding day might induce an untimely, and ugly, panic attack {sidebar: it totally didn’t!}.

Favorite engagement photo, courtesy of Barefeet Studio

Favorite engagement photo, courtesy of Barefeet Studio

McGlovin and I had some engagement pics taken by a firetruck, and I realized that my makeup artist is also a secret magician- as was my photographer. After a very serious Survivor-style voting process, McGlovin and I were able to narrow our guest list to about 150 people who we really loved and who we knew would bring so much joy to our wedding day. Then we searched for some nice black cocktail dresses for the bridesmaids {we ended up with dresses from Newly Maid, and they were gorgeous and incredibly reasonably priced}. We’re from the Midwest, where trends tend to infiltrate a bit more slowly, so we encountered a tiny bit of opposition regarding some of our less traditional choices…really crazy things, like using a warehouse for our reception, doing a first look and not having a head table. {I was talked into doing a bouquet toss, though…and it was awesome}.

Our head table, photo courtesy of Barefeet Studio

Our head table, photo courtesy of Barefeet Studio

I asked the Hive’s opinion on decorating {hive suggested minimalism, and I’m so glad!} and flowers {why yes, we did get them from Sams Club– thank you for your support!} and was so happy to get such helpful advice. Speaking of helpful advice- I was really kind of struggling with the logistics of the- ahem – wedding night. The Hive reminded me that a) things would work out just as they should and b) the only lingerie that you need on your wedding night is your veil. Hive, that veil suggestion might have been the single best piece of wedding advice I was ever given 🙂 I asked more advice from you guys about accessorizing– and then completely ignored most everyone and chose blingy jewelry and a cathedral veil…I picked all the things!

The very first photo of the Glvoes, on the night we met

The very first photo of the Glvoes, on the night we met

Then we went backwards and I shared how McGlovin and I came to be engaged, as well as how we met on Halloween, and ended with an ode to the always amazing Mr Gloves. We bought some wedding rings, and while I reflected on what to do with my Claddagh ring, McGlovin worried that his ring might overwhelm his hand {it doesn’t}. I mulled over shoes for a while, while also considering a colored petticoat…thanks for talking me out of that one, Hive! Right in the middle of wedding planning, McGlovin and I experienced a few life changes: first, we welcomed Howie into our family! Not a convenient time, but also an amazing and totally welcome addition. We also learned that my Grandma has ovarian cancer, and so my grandparents would not make it through the wedding- thanks for the kind words, you guys 🙂

I can't even handle our first look, photo by Barefeet Studio

I can’t even handle our first look, photo by Barefeet Studio

We kept things moving, though, and decided on some delicious favors, and made an unexpectedly quick stop at the courthouse to pick up our marriage license, and shared our reasons for doing a first look. We had a few ridiculously lovely showers, selected our menu, and handcrafted some invitations. Just when we thought everything was under control, the shit started to hit the fan. I had a completely unnecessary meltdown over a cake stand {I still have no idea how our cake was presented- thanks for talking me down off that ledge, hive!}. Then, all at once, our priest became unavailable, McGlovin decided that we didn’t need a limo, our wine vendor cancelled our order and I got the flu for a week and I was sure everything was falling apart{spoiler alert- our wedding turned out perfectly}!

Gloves on honeymoon :)

Gloves on honeymoon 🙂

After the honeymoon, I came back to share the reason why our wedding day went so smoothly- I was manically prepared and over- organized. I explained which features of Google were most useful to use, especially Google Drive. I shared our hyper organized wedding schedule, our version of The Packet {seriously, I have been to so many weddings that could have benefitted from using The Packet} which led to a smaller, pocket friendly version, known as The Card. Finally, I shared The Spreadsheet, which can be a little overwhelming at first glance, and a basic checklist that I’ve found helpful.

Obligatory Howie photo

Obligatory Howie photo

Which brings me to here, July 5th. It’s our six month anniversary, Hive, and I’m ready to recap the Gloves’s amazing wedding day. Get exciteddd 🙂


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