Gloves in Love: Wedding Week

The Gloves’s wedding week was a little more crazy that normal wedding weeks, I think. With Christmas and holiday celebrations and vacations, no one was one a normal schedule, which was simultaneously helpful and incredibly stressful. Monday was New Years Eve {and my birthday!} and for the first time in recent memory, McGlovin and I went to a nice Italian dinner with his sister and brother in law and were home, in bed, well before the ball dropped {we usually host the party and bar hop}. I knew that Wedding Week was going to be a bit much, and voluntarily kicking off the week by drinking and staying up late didn’t seem like the best choice.

Birthday Dinner!

Birthday Dinner!

New Years Day was, conveniently, a work holiday, and my sister Shannon and I made the best of it by making about 250 pizzelles and starting to cut down our programs. I was super manic about not wanting them to just be a folded in half sheet of paper, which necessitated a fair amount of extra cutting on my part. {In case you wondered- that was a ridiculous decision. People look at the programs for the duration of the ceremony, then they get tossed. No one else, in the entire world, will ever appreciate that you put more work into making sure they weren’t 8 ½ by 11 sheets, folded in half.}

Incredibly flattering photo of pizzelle making...

Incredibly flattering photo of pizzelle making…

The next day, I was blessed enough to have the assistance of a few more wedding elves, adding Shannon’s boyfriend, Will, and Caitlyn’s boyfriend, Ben. (Sorry- only given names in these recaps!) While I spent the morning at work, they were hard at work cutting lace for table runner, baking pies, and tying ribbons on all of my unnecessarily beautiful programs. I came home from work around one, not particularly concerned, because I saw all the work that was getting done, but stressed out  nonetheless, so Caitlyn sat me down with a drink, then sent me on my way to have my hair highlighted and trimmed.

Wedding Elves, hard at work

Wedding Elves, hard at work

Thursday was a great day in Wedding Week- we added a fifth wedding elf, my friend Rachael, and everything got finished! I went to work in the morning, where my lovely co-workers threw me an amazing surprise shower, and by the time I got home, all of my ornament escort cards were labelled and shorted, the pizzelles were in labelled bags, and everything was packed to go the the venue. While Shannon and Will went to pick up my dress from the seamstress {who kindly offered to store it up until then} McGlovin and the wedding army hauled absolutely everything to the venue. We carried in boxes of candles, lights, photos and booze, along with instructions and diagrams for each table and spreadsheets worth of seating charts and schedules. {Um, okay- after all this, the venue coordinator had the nerve to tell me that she felt like we were missing things and a little disorganized. Caitlyn saw me about to lose my shit, and ushered me back to the car while Rachael set her straight, and also reminded her that our day-of coordinator would be happy to sort out any confusion. Manic, okay. Disorganized? Never.}

Although the venue woman set me on edge, it was a huge relief to pass everything off to someone else. Just knowing that I would wake up on Friday with very little left on my to-do list was amazing. And, as if life couldn’t get any better, McGlovin and I headed to enjoy the most thoughtful wedding gift ever- a pre-wedding couples massage. I have no idea how, but my masseuse worked her magic so well that I almost fell asleep…we were so incredibly blissed out. Coming home to our army of wedding elves, for whom I could not possibly be any more grateful, and a bottle of wine was the perrrfect way to start our wedding weekend!

**All photos are clearly personal photos, likely taken with my cell phone 🙂


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