Gloves in Love- Rehearsing, and Last Minute Craft

Right, so. After our nail appointment {which kind of felt like it took forever} people scattered to various houses and hotels to get ready for the rehearsal. By then, more friends had arrived and my house was a mess of women getting ready, borrowing tights, swapping perfume and zipping each other up. It was, in a word, awesome. McGlovin zipped me into my rented dress, and we were off to the church.

(Can I take a minute to plug Rent the Runway? It is seriously, so convenient. First, they sent me a birthday coupon, which was magical. Second, I could sort dresses online into my body type. Third, reviewers frequently post photos, so you get to see real people wearing the dresses, instead of just size zero models. Fourth, they send two sizes to ensure a good fit. Fifth, the next day you just toss it into the mailer and into the mail. Nothing has ever been better than Rent the Runway.)

The rehearsal reminded me how super, incredibly glad I was that we were having a Catholic wedding, if for no other reason than the absolute orderliness of the mass. I don’t know a whole lot about other services, but Catholic mass is always the same, no matter what, so you always know what’s going to happen, and when, and by whom. For someone who values order and routine as much as I do, this is perfection, especially on such a {potentially} stressful day. At  our rehearsal, the priest led everyone through the processional, through mass, through the wedding portion, and sent us on our merry way with a blessing. Perfect.

Hive, I have to tell you…I don’t remember much about the rehearsal dinner. It’s not that I had too much to drink or anything, it’s just that, I guess, I had other things going on in my head 🙂 What I can tell you is this: it was hosted by McGlovin’s incredibly generous parents, it was at an Irish pub that we like {to counterbalance the Italian-ness of the wedding}, McGlovin’s mom created a really nice slideshow, McGlovin’s dad gave a lovely toast about being happy {or similar} and I passed out the cards with everyone’s personalized timeline on them. So, uh…here is some photographic evidence that this evening did exist:

Rehearsal1 Rehearsal

After dinner, McGlovin dropped me off at our house and, in accordance with tradition, went over to his mom’s house to spend the night away from his bride. I was having my bridesmaids spend the night at our house, and kind of assumed that we would all just go to bed. After we changed into pajamas, though, we all kind of met in the living room and opened some more beer and wine and turned on Law and Order and tucked into an old-school slumber party 🙂 We talked through everything for the next day, and Shannon remembered that, at one point, we had planned to make flowers for the girls’ hair. (If you recall, McGlovin was pretty insistent that our wedding have an actual color, instead of just black and white. To that end, he had ordered blue ties for the groomsmen, and I had wrapped the bouquets in blue ribbon, with plans to make hair flowers.) We never got to them, but I had all the materials, and we were all clearly awake, so…that’s how it happened that, at 11:00 the night before our wedding, I came to be crafting flowers with my bridal party. My girls are troopers 🙂

Tell me about your rehearsal dinner: were other people as distracted as I was? Or did you ladies let loose and have a great time?

**Still using personal photos- these were at least taken by a camera, not a cell phone!


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