Gloves in Love: Ladies Get Ready

On my wedding morning, I woke up bright and refreshed at 8:00, having clocked a solid eight hours of snoozing {thanks, in large part, to a healthy dose of melatonin at 11:00 the previous evening}. I rolled over to find my best friend, Rachael, also waking up, so we snuggled back into the covers and chattered excitedly about the festivities to come.My other bridesmaids trickled in and hopped right into our cocoon of covers, and that’s exactly how I remember starting my wedding day- with my favorite ladies all packed onto my bed, chattering and excited like it was high school or something 🙂


Our hair stylists were knocking on the front door soon, so everyone dispersed to shower, get coffee, and have their hair done. In a fit of normality, I wandered the house checking to be sure that everyone was awake and had a plan for the day. I remember three things distinctly from that time: one, while the girls were getting ready, I wandered into the kitchen to whip up a breakfast casserole, and some monkey bread- gotta keep our strength up! Two, at some point I had two or three of the girls making peanut butter sandwiches and packing lunches for the bridal party- snacks that came in super helpful after the ceremony, when we were taking photos. And three, somehow we ran out of toilet paper, and my sister’s best friend/sister ran to the grocery store to save the day- thanks Laura!



Anyway, while I was puttering around and not doing anything remotely wedding related- making breakfast, walking Howie, setting up speakers to blast the ‘getting ready’ playlist- my girls were all having their hair done, doing makeup, and generally hanging out.  While I had the impression that we were on something of a tight schedule {I mean, having created The Schedule, and all} you never would have guessed it- our morning was pretty calm and carefree!



I really worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly- having a very clear itinerary, hosting a sleepover for all the girls, hiring hair and makeup vendors that came to the house, and having a day-of coordinator who handled absolutely anything that came up. However, while all of the above contributed to a great wedding day, nothing would have been nearly so perfect if not for the love and support of all of the great women who surrounded me that morning- sisters, bridesmaids, friends and moms- who all worked really hard to make sure that everything was as ideal as possible! I love them 🙂


Who else was eerily calm, collected and on schedule their wedding morning? {Also, did you notice Howie? He was really trying to get the photographer to play catch, and she had no idea if she should ignore him, or what…I believe I suggested tossing his ball a few times, just to pacify him :)}


***each of these gorgeous photos was taken by Andy and Lauren at Barefeet Studio


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