Gloves in Love: Some Gentleman Time

While the ladies were getting ready at the McGlovin house, the men had convened at McGlovin’s mom’s house a few miles away. I can’t offer alot of narrative, but here’s what that looked like:


Breakfast! My understanding is that two pounds of pepper bacon were cooked and consumed…I was a little jealous. Also, please note the pretty boxes in the middle of the table- the groomsman gifts 🙂


Presentation of the gifts…


Men always look cute when they help each other dress, don’t you think?


McGlovin’s dad, attempting to repurpose the cufflinks 🙂


McGlovin and his mama…a favorite photo of mine.


I love these hands.


I also love seeing McGlovin getting ready in his childhood bedroom…it seems to mundane, but is oddly touching.


Biding time, drinking whiskey, waiting for events to commence..


I love seeing what their day was like, and….it looks roughly the same as the ladies. Lots of breakfast, lots of relaxing, and a flurry to get dressed 🙂


Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…

First, a reintroduction to our wedding story

Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did



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