Gloves in Love: Turning Into A Bride

By the time I’d finished with hair and makeup, everyone else was dressed and ready to go, exactly according to plan. The only thing left to do was to proceed up to my bedroom and turn into a bride! I’d planned for my mom and my sisters to be the only ones with me when I got dressed- my dress wasn’t that complicated, and I really wanted the time with just us, and I figured that adding five or six more girls would just make things crowded and stressful. So, that’s what we did, with the four of us {and Howie} and it was perfect! These are some of my favorite pics:







Then I gave my mom her handkerchief, and she lost it a bit:


So I headed downstairs to give my dad his:


My favorite photo of Papa Gloves, trying to keep it together:


Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…

First, a reintroduction to our wedding story

Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did

The gentlemen have some bacon…and get dressed 🙂


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