Gloves in Love: A Thing That Happened

So, when I got my photos back, there’s a series of photos, which I’m in, that capture a period of probably ten minutes that I don’t remember happening- and no, there was no alcohol involved. Let’s take a look:


First, we’re standing around pleasantly.


Then, we’re bustling so that everything is intact for travel.


A look of concern?


Is that thread, I spot? And a needle? And more concern, all around?


My mom and Cait are casting a doubtful glance, but I’ve been distracted with a glass of champagne.


Not to worry, now everyone has champagne!

Apparently when they had tried to bustle, no one could find it, so a few crafty ladies came to the rescue and began to sew a bustle into my dress…which, I think, they ended up not needing it when my mom came to the rescue and found it? (I have no clear knowledge of this chain of events, only secondhand information gleaned after I called around when I saw the photos.) All I know for sure is that several people assured me that everything was fine, and my dad handed me a glass of champagne, so I was content 🙂


I threw on a cardigan which, although completely unplanned, matched our wedding colors.


Then we took a prom pose of the bridesmaids, and I was spirited away to our first look location!

Was anyone else surprised by something they found in their photos? Did you guys also have wedding elves who swooped in and solved problems before you knew that problems even existed?

Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…

First, a reintroduction to our wedding story

Our frenzied post-holidays wedding week

An alarmingly normal rehearsal day, complete with teeth whitening

I completely blanked on our rehearsal dinner!

Wedding morning- the ladies get ready

Miss Gloves gets her wedding hair did

The gentlemen have some bacon…and get dressed :)

Miss Gloves turns into a bride…with Howie’s help!


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