Gloves in Love: Getting Ready Details!

Hive, I don’t know why…I love detail photos. I love, love, love the photos that include any of my loved ones laughing, smiling, crying, having emotions in general. But I really love seeing some of the tiny tangible things that helped to make our wedding awesome. So, a photo heavy post of just our morning details…







First, some photos from around the house. So from the top, we have Howie’s bowtie, which he wore for a tiny bit while we were getting ready. Then our incredibly-cheesy-but-I-love-them pillowcases, sitting in on our king sized bed (that McGlovin made me by hand, y’all!), our Wedding Countdown tree, my bags all packed, McGlovin’s firefighter wine holder, and a firefighter framed mirror in our entrance.

My dress! And adorable hanger.

My dress! In my reading nook, in my teal room, with my pretty last-name hanger.


Bridesmaid hangers

My getting ready hangers. A few days before the wedding, I bought some wooden hangers from Marshalls and used a Sharpie to add the ladies names, and jobs. It was a super easy project, looks great, and helped me keep track of whose dress was whose before we all got dressed.

degiralomo_WEB_0116My wedding shoes…and, if you paid really close attention to my posts, you’ll catch that they weren’t on my list of possible options. Honestly, hive- I walked into DSW one evening and tried on maybe two dozen pairs of shoes. I tweeted photos of my favorite six, and polled my followers. When a few people voted for the gold ones, I bought them. I professed to really care about my shoes (and in real life, I promise, I do!) but, let’s face it– they didn’t really factor into my wedding day at all. So 🙂

degiralomo_WEB_0131Hive, you guys suggested either going sparkly necklace or sparkly earrings…I went ahead and did both. And a sparkly bracelet. What of it?

degiralomo_WEB_0121I love this photo of all of our rings! You can see on the left, my claddagh tucked inside of McGlovin’s Celtic knot band…he’s always been a jewelry wearer, and when we started dating I bought this ‘eternity knot’ band for him. Then my engagement ring on top of his wedding band, and my wedding band next to that. All on top of our pretty ring bowl, inscribed with ‘amor vincit omnia’ or ‘love conquers all’ in Italian.

degiralomo_WEB_0120All the things!




A collection of flowers- the l-o-v-e mugs, assorted bouquets, and the birds eye view of my pretty bouquet. Uh, yeah…they all came from Sams Club, and they’re gorgeous. Here’s my stamp of approval!





My somethings! I didn’t actually focus, at all, on having somethings for my wedding but they sort of fell into place. My something old is the lace from my mother’s wedding dress, which you can see is wrapped around the top and bottom of my bouquet. My something new is, well, everything- shoes, jewelry, perfume, etc. My something borrowed are my bees! Mine came from Mrs Treasure, and were pinned into my bouquet a bit later in the morning. And my something blue. It’s my grandpa’s handkerchief, embroidered with his initial. When he died, suddenly and tragically, I requested it from by grandma because I knew that’s how I’d have him with my on my wedding day. Just before I walked down the aisle, I tucked it into my dress and spent the rest of the ceremony using it to wipe away my tears.

Tell me about your favorite details, hive- what inanimate objects do you love seeing photos of?

All photos in this post were taken by the ever-so-talented photographers at Barefeet Studio


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