Gloves in Love: Pre-Wedding Photos

I’m glad you guys liked our first look photos- I was positively speechless when I saw them. To be honest, I was entirely skeptical about getting any good photos before the ceremony, because we just talked the whole time! Anyway, after we met at the bottom of the stairs, McGlovin and I and the photographers wandered around and continued our conversation. If you don’t feel like looking at more photos of the Gloves, well- I don’t blame you ūüôā But that’s all the rest of this post is, so feel free to skip on to the next blog!















Yep- so that was that. The hour that we spent in the Statehouse was probably my favorite hour of the day. No, we didn’t have an especially deep conversation or say any incredibly memorable sweet nothings, but I do recall that it was the only time that I didn’t feel ‘on’ that day. I wasn’t trying to maintain any kind of facade or impress anyone or anything. And, once I got to that stage…I started to get so, so excited! It was wedding time, and we were getting married!!! My energy went through the roof, and I was really to get to the church and do the damn thing!

Ok, hive- at what point in your day was it like, ‘yessss! Today’s the day, and it’s time!’? I know for many brides its when they put on their dress, but if not, when was yours?

Miss a recap? Here’s what the Gloves have been up to…



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