Gloves in Love: Some Gifts

Hove, indulge me for a brief interlude so I can discuss our wedding gifting. McGlovin and I are kind of manic gifters- we gift for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, engagements, mother-and-fathers days, new houses, graduations, passing the bar, new jobs, everything. I like to think that we’re pretty thoughtful, in that we put fair amount of thought or planning behind a gift, and usually include a really sweet note- no hallmark platitudes for us! When it came to gifting at our wedding, though…we really weren’t into it. Is that awful?

It’s just that wedding gifts are usually centered around the wedding, which is wildly important to us, but not necessarily to everyone else. Also, they’re usually standard gifts across the board, which I hate, since I’m not a one-size-fits-all gifter. So, I mean- we thought about doing individual gifts, but I was planning my wedding, at Christmas time. I’d already used all of the thought and energy and organizational skills on those two events, and had none left over for gift giving. So here’s what we did:


Parents Frames

Personal photo

We were not at all even a tiny bit creative, and decided to do a double frame with our invitation and an engagement photo. They can eventually replace it with a wedding photo, if they’re so inclined. A little lame, but sentimental….maybe?

Parents, part two:

I was completely prepared for all parents to have tons of emotions at our wedding, my dad especially. That knowledge, coupled with a ton of pinterest inspiration, resulted in my ordering a few embroidered handkerchiefs. I sent McGlovin’s mom’s with the best man that morning..

McGlovin's Mom

McGlovin’s Mom

And I gave my mom hers after she helped me get ready. It said something to the effect of…’you made me the woman I am today, I love you!’

Mama Gloves...crying for the first time :)

Mama Gloves…crying for the first time 🙂

And my dad got his after I walked downstairs and he saw me for the first time. His handkerchief read ‘You’ll always be the first man I ever loved’. It was certainly the first time that he wept that day…but not the last 🙂

Bri guy :)

Bri guy 🙂


In the interest of keeping the wedding as easy as possible, the bridesmaids received the gift of free hair! And they also enjoyed the mani/pedi the day before. {In my experience, this is the most appreciated gift ever.} I still had to provide earrings, though, so I put those inside of an Anthro coffee mug bearing their initials and wrapped it up. Funny thing: I would have completely forgotten to pass these out if one of the girls hadn’t mentioned how pretty my fake gifts were under the Christmas tree {I had the square mug boxes wrapped in kraft paper with ribbons tied just so…they were really pretty presents!} I don’t have any photos of these gifts, but…here’s a stock photo, so you have an idea!

Image from Anthropologie

Image from Anthropologie


McGlovin made a swift decision- he wanted every groomsman to receive monogrammed cufflinks and a tie bar. Settled.


Since my gifts were so standard, I want to hear- what are the best wedding party gifts you’ve ever given or received?

**all photos, unless otherwise noted, were taken by the beautiful photographers at Barefeet Studio


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