Gloves in Love: Ave Maria

Even though we didn’t have children in our wedding, our processional down the aisle was still pretty substantial. For the seating of Moms, Stepmoms, and Grandmoms, we chose to have Ave Maria sung.  Though this is pretty traditional, we did take a tiny step outside of the box when we requested the less familiar version, by Bach/Gounod- I think it sounded gorgeous with cantor, who was a tenor. Click to hear this version:

First up, my brother Brendan with my Grandma…look how happy he looks!

degiralomo_WEB_0297Next, we paired Dan, our tallest usher, with Grandma D, who isn’t even five feet tall…I have no idea how this happened 🙂

degiralomo_WEB_0299McGlovin’s dad and stepmom were next:

degiralomo_WEB_0305Then his mom and step dad (look at her sassy dress! I didn’t give either mom any input, just asked them to wear something that made them feel amazing):

degiralomo_WEB_0306Then my brother circled back around to escort my gorgeous mom:

degiralomo_WEB_0310I love this photo! My mom looks thrilled, and my brother is sitting in the pew with his fiance, and the boyfriends of my sisters:


I kind of hate to drag the processional into two posts but I feel like the photos of my six ladies walking, as well as my father and I, will make this post a bit longer than I prefer. So, next…the bridal party, and the bride 🙂


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