Gloves in Love: We Get The Party Started!

So, we left off last time with our arrival at the reception venue– McGlovin and I were thrilled to see everything looking so gorgeous! Since our venue was two stories, we wandered around with the wedding party upstairs for a while, sipping our signature cocktails {coke and crown for the Mister, gin and cider for me}. Up until the moment it happened, I assumed that our entrance would be pretty calm- the DJ would announce us, McGlovin and I would walk down the staircase to the clapping masses, and we would wind our way through the guests.

That is not what happened, hive…not what happened at all.

First, I was so. very. excited!!! I’m not an adrenaline person, so I was no prepared to be so pumped up…but I guess marrying your favorite person will do that to you. The DJ came over to let us know that he was about to begin introductions and asked if there were any requests. I believe someone mentioned ‘I Gotta Feeling’ (or any other mildly overplayed get-pumped-up song) and the bridal party started planning their entrances. Although I didn’t think I wanted a huge entrance when I was planning, it became pretty clear that it was going to happen, so I went with it…and it was awesome!

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

Heather and Ben, with the fishing routine.

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

Rachael and Andy, offering a majestic wave.

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

Nina and Ben, mastering the robot.

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

Abby and Justin, just being beautiful.

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

I cannot…Cait and Shannon and Colin crack me up, so much!

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

The Gloves, looking thirlled!!

After we got to the bottom of the stairs, our bridal party made a tunnel and we went through and high fived everyone and, although it was entirely not in my character at all, it’s one of those memories that makes me really happy 🙂

So, since we had the Catholic gap, when we took photos, we arrived just after most of our guests and were able to enjoy our cocktail hour. This was probably the only chunk of time that McGlovin and I were seperated during the day, and strategically so. We knew that we wouldn’t be visiting tables or doing any socializing once dinner started, so we used the cocktail hour to really work our way around the room and try to see everyone. After about 45 minutes, our DJ announced it was time for everyone to head upstairs and find their tables, and this is where we employed our guaranteed-to-greet-everyone backup strategy….the old receiving line 🙂

Gloves Columbus, Ohio Winter Wedding The Venue/Dock580

What happens in the receiving line, stays in the receiving line.

I’m not entirely certain what a traditional receiving line looks like, since it’s 2013 and I’ve never seen one, but what we did was this: McGlovin and I stood at the bottom of the stairs that everyone needed to go up to get to dinner. Our parents joined us, and we got the chance to talk to anyone who wanted to stop. It went pretty quickly, and people could choose who they wanted to talk to {my parents, McGlovin’s parents, whomever} and some people just passed right on by. It was perfect, since it didn’t feel to formal and awkward, and people were really moving, since everyone wanted to get to dinner. And, best of all…it was truly the only time that we let ourselves feel obligated to make small talk. We wanted to enjoy our party, so we were committed to not doing tables, but also wanted to be good hosts and thank everyone for coming and, for us, a receiving line was the perfect solution.

How are you making sure to greet your guests? I know a receiving line sounds old fashioned, but table to table sounds like it would take ages. Is there a better strategy? What is it?


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