Gloves in Love: Happy New Year!

Well, hive- yesterday was McGlovin and my one year anniversary! It was amazing- he reserved the hotel suite we’d had the night of our wedding, we had dinner and massages, had some anniversary cake…nothing too crazy, but it was such a lovely time to reflect on the past year of our lives 🙂

Anniversary Cake

Celebrating our anniversary also reminded me that I need to finish my recaps! So, get ready- I have a few more recaps about our reception, then some actually interesting posts about budget, vendor reviews, etc….then I’m all set with our wedding, and can move on to focus my blog on our married lives (spoiler alert: not dramatically different from our unmarried lives). Thanks for tuning in, my lovely bees, and I hope your new year has started off just as lovely as the Gloves’!

In case you’d like to catch up, here’s where we’ve been so far:


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