Gloves in Love: Tossing Some Flowers

After the dance, hive, things start getting a little hazy. Why yes, it certainly could be the gin-and-cider I’d been sipping all evening, but I think it had a fair amount to do with the fact that, after dinner, the entire evening was just the most ridiculous party! Since all of the fun is jumbled together in my head, I have a hard time suggesting what order things happened in. I do know a few things for certain, though- I tossed my bouquet, and every single person I saw was having a great time. (Aside: I know that gin isn’t the most popular liquor for people of a certain age, but I really do encourage all of you lovely ladies to try it with cider- it’s delicious! Plus, my grandma has been known to consume some gin, and I always strive to be Edna-chic in my booze consumption 🙂 )


First up, my bouquet.  In the planning stages, I was vehemently opposed to a garter toss, and not really that into a bouquet toss, either. McGlovin could get behind nixing the garter toss, but he still tried to talk me into tossing my bouquet. His argument was, it’s a wedding, and you’d never chuck flowers at your friends otherwise so…why not? And then I went to a few weddings and actually participated in the toss and realized- it all depends on how its done. One wedding was terrifying, and all. single. girls. were called to the dance floor and it felt accusatory and mildly stressful, but another wedding was a hilarious and giggly time. So I started to think of how to achieve the second atmosphere.



What we settled on was this: after everyone had been drinking and dancing a bit, the DJ announced the toss. Rather than having all single ladies come to the floor, though, we asked all of the lovely women in my life to join me on the dance floor- sort of a ladies only dance. We played ‘What a Man’ to set the scene and after a tiny bit of dancing with my friends, moms, sisters, etc, I sashayed my way up to the front and tossed my flowers backwards. And…it was awesome. I mean, for me, anyway, and no one would ever really tell the bride that they didn’t like the wedding 🙂



Unbeknownst to me, there was a plot to get Heather to catch the bouquet- and she swatted it away. I only realized this when I saw my photos!


Ok, so how did you get people to participate in the garter or bouquet toss? I know they seem to be going out of fashion, and usually for good reason, so did anyone have a particularly good or bad experience? Share!


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