Gloves in Love: Why, Yes…The After Party

My last post finished with the end of our reception and, you know- that’s when I really thought our wedding would end. McGlovin and I are usually a staying in, snuggling-on-the-couch couple. I figured that on our wedding day, jam packed with activities and all kinds of emotional drainage, I would laugh and wave our guests on to an after party, and quietly shut things down with my newly minted husband.

Well, hive…it was not to be.

Here’s the thing- our wedding was a blast! I was having a great time, and my friends were having a great time, and it’s really the only time you’ll get to be surrounded by all of your favorite people in the best mood ever! How could you shut that down? So, we didn’t. We finished our last dance, and announced to that we were headed to our favorite local bar. {Then my dad stepped out to announce that all the grown folks could congregate on the concierge floor of the hotel…what can I say, we’re a partying family!}

You can ignore my crazy face, but yes! I'm totally playing ski ball!

You can ignore my crazy face, but yes! I’m totally playing ski ball! And, oddly, collecting roses like an awkward Bachelor/bride…merp.


Very few photos of the afterparty…which is really a blessing!

McGlovin hailed a cab and we set off. People seemed a little skeptical seeing me in my gown in the slushy streets of Columbus, but I wasn’t too concerned- when would I wear it again? Plus, it feels so weird to be in such a normal, everyday place in something as special and out-of-the-ordinary as a wedding dress. It was only an added bonus that everyone wants to send drinks to a bride 🙂 A few hours passed in a very hazy heartbeat, and McGlovin and I made our way back to the hotel.

Here’s where things get real. When I was still in my planning stages, I could not possibly fathom how people manage…everything…on their wedding night. According to the very scientific surveying I did in my last post on this topic, lots of couples choose to wait til the next day in engage in after partying, and that’s definitely an option! But I am here to tell you- it can be done! Lol. I’m not providing details because, who needs details? But several ladies made suggestions and recommendations in my previous post, and some of them really worked out! So I’ll pass those on:

  1. Really do have a shower or bath or rinse or something. It’s relaxing, and everyone feels better when they’re clean. It’s your wedding night- take those few minutes, if you want them!
  2. Yep, your new spouse will probs have to help you out of your dress. So you wore spanx? No worries, you’re married now! Nothing to hide 🙂 After everything that’s gone on that day, he’ll forgot he ever saw them.
  3. Wedding lingerie? Ain’t nobody got time for that! My favorite, favorite piece of wedding advice (yes, out of all the wedding advice, this is what I always pass on) is that the best wedding night lingerie is your veil. Unzip/button, shower, spritz o’ perfume if you’re feeling bold, and come on back out in your veil…that’s really all you need!

Not required, but always recommended is ordering pizza immediately upon checking into your room. I was ravenous by the end of the evening! Yep, McGlovin and I were the definition of romantic at the end of the day, all snuggled into our kingsized bed, inhaling pizza as we read through our wedding cards 🙂

So, much like everything else I was concerned about, our after party and then our after party both managed to work themselves out nicely. How did everyone else handle the after portions of their wedding? I was kind of surprised we had any after portion at all- like I mentioned, I was sure we would be in bed, asleep by midnight!


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