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Mrs Gloves, Signing Off

Well, hive- it’s about that time. I’ve relied on you all for input in my planning, showed you my favorite organizational tools, and shared all of the awesome details of the Gloves’ wedding day. And now, it’s time to say goodbye as a wedding blogger.


Before I go, though, I just wanted to share one thought. I’ve helped to organize about six weddings in the thirteen months that McGlovin and I have been married, and one thing has proved true in each wedding: your day will be exactly what it needs to be, if you let it.

first look

Sometimes we get caught up in the tiny details of our wedding days, and that’s fine! It’s good to acknowledge the huge amount of work that needs to be done, and all of the seemingly unimportant things that need to come together to make our weddings what they need to be. What I’m suggesting, though, is that you plan everything to the best of your abilities, and then choose a specific day and time where you delegate what you can, and let life handle the rest. Fill your wedding day with as much joy as possible, and let that bliss carry you through the entire day. It’ll be the exact version of perfect that it needs to be!


If you’d like to keep up with the Gloves, you can find me at, where I blog about life and love. Otherwise, I bid you all farewell! I wish you so much happiness in your planning, and on your wedding days. Most importantly, I wish you each have the marriage of your dreams!


Mrs Gloves


Gloves in Love: Columbus, Ohio Vendor Reviews

Just in case anyone in the central Ohio region is planning their wedding, here are my honest reviews of our vendors. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of them- I’m happy to share our experiences!

Gloves Columbus Ohio Winter Wedding Bagpipes

Wendy’s Bridal, recommended with an asterisk

Wendy’s bridal had a great dress selection, and the consultant that I worked with seemed lovely- she brought me awesome dresses based on my requests. My problem was, as I mentioned in my planning posts, that I gave a specific price range and she brought me dresses well outside of that range. When I fell in love with one of them, and realized how much it cost, she kind of just shrugged. Then her manager came over and tried to upsell me with really condescending remarks like, “Well, how much is your happiness on your special day really worth?” Gross. So, once I took things into my own hands, I was happy to find a dress in my parameters. But I want to warn people- I had kind of a sleazy experience, and I don’t want any of you ladies to fall for that!

Zip Alterations, highly recommended

I could not recommend Zip Alterations more highly- she was amazing at altering my dress, and bolstering my confidence. Unfortunately, she’s left the Columbus area and moved to Nashville, so this recommendation seems a bit useless.

Mens Wearhouse, recommended

I don’t have a lot to say about Men’s Wearhouse- they helped McGlovin find a tux, and made it easy for everyone in our wedding party to get theirs, also. Nothing spectacular, but they did what we needed them to do!

Barefeet Studio, cannot possibly recommend more highly

I don’t think I could get the point across any more clearly- the experience with our photographers was amazing. In fact, I’ve recommended them to everyone I know, and they’ve shot at least three weddings of my friends! You all have seen their amazing photos, which speak for themselves. Lauren and Andy are a very talented photography couple, and delightful to be around. They made it really easy to be ourselves around them, and stay comfortable in front of the camera. I also felt like Lauren had a really good understanding of what I wanted, both in photos and in the day, and she played a big part in making sure that people were where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. So, again- I cannot possibly recommend Barefeet Studio any more strongly.

Makeup Artistry by Meg, highly recommended

Before my trial, I sent Meg a few photos of my makeup inspirations. I couldn’t explain exactly what I wanted- eyes, but not a smoky eye, because I can’t handle that much eye shadow, but focus on my eyes? She handled my mania well and said that I wanted a defined eye with heavy lashes, and she was exactly right. My makeup for my trial felt really heavy, but I’m so glad I did one because the photos were amazing, and it relieved any nervousness I might have had about too heavy wedding day makeup. Overall, she was incredibly efficient on my wedding morning, the makeup was gorgeous and it lasted all day long- everything I asked for.

Wedding Hair of Ohio, highly recommended

You might remember that I was warned against having hair at my house, rather than in a salon. Well, I have no idea why I was even worried. Nancy and her assistant arrived at my house bright and early, and handled everyone’s specific hair requests and accompanying pinterest boards incredibly professionally, and even made adjustments for some of the pickier ladies. I was a little nervous, because my trial hair wasn’t exactly they way I was hoping, but it turned out positively gorgeous, and stayed all night. Bonus: even with me, my mom, and six bridesmaids with lots of hair, WHO was finished with us in three and a half hours, right on schedule.

St Joseph Cathedral, incredibly disappointed

This review is a little rough for me. I’ve been going to St Joes for a few years, and around the time that we got engaged I also started acting as a Eucharistic and Liturgical Minister. Not only is it a gorgeous church, but it was my parish, so of course I knew that McGlovin and I would be getting married there. So, it’s hard to know where to start.

First, the wedding coordinator was brisk to the point of being rude. When we visited to make music choices, she swore in the Sacristy {she actually called someone a b*tch}. She argued with me about having two maids of honor, and said I had to pick one. Her husband was the organist, and he wouldn’t play a (completely common and church sanctioned) hymn in a specific version, just because he didn’t like it. She refused to allow us to have McGlovin’s pipe and drum band play our exit, because she thought it was noisy. I had to constantly email and ask questions, because no information was forthcoming- not basic info, not into about our priest, not about our rehearsal, not about pre-cana…it was like pulling teeth.

When we finally were assigned a priest, we couldn’t get a time to meet. Then we did meet, and he seemed to have very little interest in us, or in marrying us. We were told that a single two hour meeting would be perfectly sufficient. He didn’t really ask about us, our lives, our families, or our relationship. He asked perfunctory information in order to fill out paperwork, then had us take the focus test. He said he would call us if there were any red flags. Two weeks before our wedding, we were told that he was actually unavailable, and we didn’t have a priest.

In the end, we had an amazing priest from another parish marry us. He was interested in us and did take time (the week before our wedding!) to meet with us, and really delve into why we were marrying and what we wanted from our marriage, and life, and delivered an incredibly homily- we’re really grateful to him for his attention. It was really hard, though, to think about undertaking such an important sacrament, in my OWN CHURCH no less, and not have the church actually care, at all. It was clear that they were not interested in preparing us for marriage, just in getting the money, and it was really hurtful. I stopped going to the Cathedral after our wedding, and have really struggled. So I guess my moral is- if you want a pretty and expensive church, St Joes’s is great. If you want anything beyond that…this is not the church for you.

Sams Club flowers, highly recommend

Fresh flowers, already arranged, delivered directly to your home a day or two before your event. They were inexpensive, convenient and gorgeous- you can’t beat that combination!

Dock 580, recommend with astrisks

I’d like to start by saying that our reception was amazing, and it’s largely due to the exceptional service that Dock 580 provided on the day of our event. With that in mind, it’s necessary to mention that getting to that point was sometimes frustrating. My planning posts detail the struggle that we had meeting with the manager and actually giving him our deposit. I’ve also mentioned the stressful day before the wedding, when our coordinator suggested that I was really disorganized (I wasn’t). So, yes, planning for the reception was sometimes a hassle with this venue, but everything turned out perfectly in the end…so bear that in mind.

Encore Entertainment, recommend

I’ll admit, I didn’t love Rob when we were planning- he rejected some of the music on our request list, which was surprising, and we insisted that he add it back. He also tried to help with the day-of timeline, and didn’t necessarily agree on the way we had scheduled everything. On the day of, though, Rob was awesome. He made sure I had everything I wanted or needed, which was well beyond the call of duty. He adjusted the schedule as needed, and made sure the party kept going. I would happily recommend him to other Columbus brides.

Scrumptious Crumbs, can’t really recommend

Scrumptious Crumbs was recommended to us by another bride and, since we didn’t have a lot to go on with bakeries, we happily took the recommendation. At our tasting, Ron showed us a number of delicious cakes, fillings and frostings, and we saw that he does amazing technical work in decorating. Maybe it’s because we wanted a simple cake, with basic flavors and smooth buttercream frosting, but we didn’t really love our wedding cake. It was…bland, both the cake and the frosting. I really feel bad giving a poor review, because his work is beautiful and I think that if we had gone with the premium flavors, or had wanted something more intricate, we would have loved it. Unfortunately…that wasn’t the case, for us.

The Lofts at Crowne Plaza, highly recommend

McGlovin was in charge of finding a hotel for our guests, and he probably spoke to managers at half a dozen places before choosing the Lofts and Crown Plaza (they’re adjoining properties). The location is great, in the middle of downtown, and guests really, really loved the shuttle to the reception. The converted warehouse had tons of character- our room had a huge Jacuzzi tub and the manager left champagne and rose petals. It was such a perfect wedding night! McGlovin got a reservation at the Lofts for our first anniversary, and they accommodated us by giving the same suite, and there was another bottle of champagne! The customer service was above and beyond what we expected, and I will happily recommend them to anyone looking for a block.