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We’re in love- and we’re getting married!

I haven’t really shared, at all, Evan and my engagement story, which is a shame, because it’s pretty awesome.

As you know {as you probably know, because if you’re reading this, we’re likely good friends} my birthday is on NYE.  We usually have people over to celebrate, and I was planning to drive down to Cincinnati the day before, since Kerry was planning to be there to visit Rachael. So,  Evan planned to have birthday dinner on the 29th. When I got home from work, Ev had a ridiculous meal prepared- there was caprese salad, sauted veggies, chicken parm, pasta primavera, chocolate covered strawberries and everything. It was really sweet, and honestly, I just thought he was bored from being home alone all day, so he made dinner.


Crazy awesome spread

There was a big box on the table, as you can see, and he asked if I wanted to open it before dinner or after. I was starving, of course, and selected after and dug into my food, while Evan cut his and pushed it around his plate for fifteen minutes. Finally, I opened the box and saw a beautiful Coach wristlet. I fawned over it, and thanked him, and returned to my dinner. Evan asked if I wanted to open it and see what was inside so, ok, I opened it and found a coin purse. Odd, but…I went back to my dinner again. Evan asked if I wanted to open the coin purse, and I did, clearly anticipating a Starbucks or TJ Maxx gift card. There was no giftcard, and when I finally dug out the ring and looked up, there was Evan on his knee, holding a box and asking me to marry him. It was perfect  🙂


Gratuitous ring shot